Joi Stanley-Smith

Whether the conversation is about Career Achievements, Life Achievements or Humanitarian Service Joi Stanley’s name is frequently involved. Petite or small are adjectives that can only be used to describe her physique. Her accomplishments however, comes from the following...

Joi attended Rutgers State University in New Brunswick, NJ where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and her master’s in Communication. As a native of New Jersey she didn’t stray far away from home. It wasn’t because she feared change, prior to graduating, she was already involved in addressing the needs of her community. She learned the importance of becoming a minority female business owner at a very early age where she took her passion for fashion and opened a Custom Bridal Shop where she would be head designer. This would lead her to become President of Shades of Color Bridal and Formal Wear for 14 years. Her interest in the Bridal area would offer her the opportunity to become Vice President of the International Association of Certified Wedding Consultants, and Director of the Weddings for Us International Bridal Show.

As her interest would peak in other areas, for some 18 years, Joi would work in the male dominated mortgage industry, where she would be an independent mortgage consultant. She would be co-owner with owner operator status for First Equity Home Loans, managing and educating an upwards of some 20 loan originators. Upon our countries economic crisis, Joi would join the number one mortgage company Wells Fargo, where she would serve as a Retail Sales Manager and Diverse Segments Manager.

Joi Founded Progressive Achievers in 2006 where she serves as the Founder/President. Progressive Achievers would serve as a vehicle to Empower, Educate and Motive Women, giving them the opportunity to network with other professional women. The Women of Power platform serves as an Annual Luncheon Event that recognizes the accomplishments of women and is a known for giving women a time to come together to be rejuvenated. It also serves as a networking vehicle and allows for many relationships. in 2010 the Inspiring Young Mentors program would be formed, mentoring to young girls between the ages of 9-17, hosting its first Annual Mother Daughter Tea in January of 2012.

You may feel that the above has been a big accomplishment for Joi however, Joi feels that her biggest accomplishments to date are her three sons, Charles, Naeem and Jabril, her two granddaughters Amani and Aliyah and her husband, Ray.

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