Women of Power

Who We Are:

Progressive Achievers launched the Women of Power – Empowerment Luncheon in 2006 and is dedicated to supplying women with a process for a positive lifestyle. 


Our mission is to Empower, Educate and Motivate Women as we strive to encourage them to maintaining a positive outlook on life while realizing they have the ability for greatness.


Our ultimate vision is to participate in the creation of a new attitude in which people value themselves and one another. We will contribute to a healthy mind, body and spirit as we continue to empower women and push them to their limit .

Our Empowerment Luncheons help to identify:

Self Confidence/Self Worth, Loving You/ Finding You Through
Healing, Restoration, Transformation and Self- Determination.

  1. Self Worth/Self Confidence-Loving You/Finding You…, Establishing The New You.
  2. Developing Character and Understanding Your Purpose.
  3. Balancing Home and Work Life - Parenting and Personal Time.
  4. Credit/Budgeting/Savings – Financial Literacy Training.
  5. Career and Personal Goal planning - Establishing and Realizing Your Dreams.
  6. The Politics of The Office – Gossip and Other Professional Missteps- Bloom Where You’re Planted.
  7. R-E-S-P-E-C-T & Community Service.
  8. NO MORE DRAMA – Building Healthy Relationships.
  9. Personal Appearance - Identifying Your True Inner Beauty!


Progressive Achievers Inc., uses the Women of Power - Empowerment Luncheons to guide women through a TOTAL MIND WORKOUT. Our aim is to restore the sense of worth and self-determination in women. Our Empowerment sessions begin transforming each women from a dependency mindset, (relying upon band-aide and temporary fixes) to a life of self-sufficiency; thereby ending debilitating cycle of low-expectation, while planting the seed in them to boldly stepping into their GREATNESS!

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